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Blog Post #4 July 2019 "To Web or not to Web? WEB!!!!!"

Written by Lynette Balicki


Posted on July 09 2019

Blog Post #4  July 2019

To Web or not to Web?  WEB!!!!!

An important piece of the soaping business is that your brand and your products need to be marketed online.  Due to technology and social media, business marketing and advertising has made an exponential move from paper and mail to the computer and it’s many processes.   Everyone has a mobile phone, laptop, desk top etc., where they can see your products at their fingertips and order easily. If you are not tech savvy find someone who is to assist you.  Setting up a web site for your products is not as complicated as you might think.  Try going to go to an e-commerce site and you will discover that they have templates to choose from and the photos of your soaps and products can be displayed for free. 

Shopify was the best fit for my needs.  It’s connected to my phone and I can check for orders from anywhere. Instagram has been incredibly helpful for marketing as well.  It is great for showing pics of products and for connecting with people that you would not ordinarily meet.  I have gotten a lot of business because of this social media platform.  From my personal experience I can tell you that you can’t always only  rely on shows and festivals, as those depend on many factors (more on that later) and you might not make the profit you would like.  Having both the online webstore and showing your products in person at shows is the best way to highlight your products.




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