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Soap: My Journey to Building a Business

Written by Lynette Balicki


Posted on April 01 2019

April 1,2019

The Discovery….

When the last student left my office in the Guidance Department of the high school where I work, I was feeling  flat.  I wanted to treat myself and feel better.  I figured some retail therapy might be a good idea, so I left the school and went directly to my favorite department store. I was still feeling stressed because even though my work day was over, my dogs were waiting for me and I had to start dinner.  I ambled about and made a mental note of everything in the store, but nothing sparked my interest or made me feel better.  That was until I saw a fragrance soap on a shelf full of beauty products.  I had seen these hundreds of times and passed them by, but this time, it clicked with me.

I bought a beautiful, fragrant soap. I drove home full of expectations.  After attending to the dogs, and everything else, there I was, in the shower, water coming down on my head accompanied by a block of fragrant soap.

I got out of that shower feeling relaxed, empowered, feminine again, as I left the days’ work and worries down the drain.  What happened, I wondered?  I grabbed the crumbled soap wrapper and read the ingredients.  I could do better than this, I thought.  Though I knew nothing about soapmaking, my outlook after that shower made me feel I could do anything. I felt I could make a better product, a handmade product, with pure ingredients….and so began my foray into the wonderful world of handmade soapmaking.





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