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The House has been taken over……..

Written by Lynette Balicki


Posted on July 14 2021

When I first started, it was a happy dance every time I ordered soaping stuff and it was waiting for me when I got home from work.  Actually, it still is.  But as time wore on, every corner of my craft room was crammed with fragrances, oils, boxes, soap mistakes, and molds.  My hubby would poke his head in, shake his head and sigh.  It was getting really hard to walk in there, and my workspace was getting smaller and smaller.

My solution?  The dining room table!  We didn’t use it for dining (does anyone?) and with its inviting expanse, I started to harbor my soaping equipment there.  The convenience was amazing, since I was now close to the kitchen sink, where all the action for soaping occurs.    The kitchen counter was also the unexpected host of my handheld blender and an array of fragrance oils and spatulas.   I was concocting recipes and experimenting, creating my first soaps and feeling happy.  The house smelled wonderful, my hands smelled wonderful and all was good.

But the business kept growing...our first show was on the horizon, so we  purchased a white 10x10 tent, tables, chairs, displays, table coverings, the works.  Not to mention all the plastic shoe boxes that held my soaps and bath bombs,  and a cooler for our snacks and drinks!

As a result, my craft room, my dining room and the garage was now part of the my dream….



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