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The Nitty Gritty

Written by Lynette Balicki


Posted on May 02 2019

It was time to make our decision to go forward.  I say our, because my husband was very much involved in getting this business thing going.  What I’ve learned?  You will probably need a second pair of hands, eyes, and just general support.  A business has many pieces.  Can you do it on your own? Yes. But consider that you will have the creative side, the online side, the ordering supplies side, the packaging side, and the advertising/marketing side, among many others that just seem to pop out of the ether. 

It was now time to create the name for our business.  Nerve-wracking, because your brand, your design, the colors of your marketing products (labels, wrapping, brochures, mailers, etc.) will have to correspond with each other.  That is how a brand is built.  It has to be recognizable just by its image or name. 

So I kept thinking and thinking and saying names out loud.  My dogs names?  My grandkids names in a cute merge?  Something crafty that would describe all my interests?  The name popped into my mind unannounced one afternoon. Twig and Twine?  It sounded earthy and crafty to me and it didn’t fence me in.  I shared the name with my husband, who thankfully, liked it well enough, and checked it against other businesses in our state to avoid duplication, and thus, customer confusion (More about this later…). Once the check was done and we were free to use it for our company, (so exciting and official sounding)  we were able to complete all the paperwork to incorporate in the state of Florida as an LLC, which means “Limited Liability Corporation.”  We did this by using Google to get all the information we needed, and there was A LOT. So it can’t be a rush job…I recommend reading everything and understanding everything.  You will see that an LLC is a good thing. This is a good time to have that other person to help out with this project, as things are easier to figure out between two or more people.  This does not mean that your personal savviness won’t be enough, just that in my case, I was the creative soaping side of the business, and my technical skills and comprehension of the proper path to become a business was not my forte, unless I had to be pushed in that direction.  One of my mistakes was not checking the name of your business for a domain name in just your state, but nationally as well.  Though you are just starting out, it may seem overreaching or grandiose, but once you start selling online, you don’t want to confuse customers with a domain name that is similar to another one in any of our states.

Though it was a lot of information to go through, it was exciting, because right before my eyes I could see my business start to take form and strength.  




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