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1st Christmas Snow
1st Christmas Snow

1st Christmas Snow


1st Christmas Snow Artisan Soap
Greet the holidays ahead of time with our newest soap! Defy the high temps with our frosty sky blue and white soap made with Maca powder to detoxy your skin. The fragrance, is a mix of spruce and woodsy vanilla with a hint of lemon, fir needle and a splash of apple. Middle notes of pine, pear, hyacinth, cinnamon, and mint completed with a wonderfully woodsy sandalwood, cedar and sugary vanilla base notes. Mixed with eucalyptus and spearmint for a real snowy feel as you bathe or shower. A beautiful soap with “snowflakes” decorating the top of each bar is a visual treat! 
Happy Holidays!
Our soaps are handmade; each batch can look different from each other, and so will the soaps. Our soaps have no preservatives so they should be maintained away from standing water. A well draining soap dish or laying the soap on a hand towel after each use will help the soap to last longer.