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Gentleman's Bar
Gentleman's Bar

Gentleman's Bar


A manly smelling soap bar that exudes the elegance of grooming with an artisan soap. Beautiful gray, black and white swirls are a visual treat!

Fragrance is an enticing mixture of birch, vetiver and amber, with a touch of grapefruit and hints of geranium and rose petals...complete elegance.
 The man in your life will love it!

Our soaps are handmade; each batch can look different from each other, and so will the soaps . Our soaps have no preservatives so they should be maintained away from standing water. A well draining soap dish or laying the soap on a hand towel after each use will help the soap to last longer.

Each soap comes shrink wrapped and tied with a twig, twine, and tag or round sticker.

I hope you enjoy using your soap as much as I enjoyed making it for you!